welcome to the young guardians,

a wild bees awareness program

by beesline, targeting the youth!

About this program

This program is aimed at educating school kids about the importance of wild bees and empowering them to take action now and pick up sustainable and eco-friendly habits for a better, bee-filled future.

This first edition of the program is open for grades 4 and 5 / CM1 and CM2. It can be given in English, French, or Arabic.

why do we need
to save the wild bees?

wild bees do not produce honey,
but they play a much bigger role:


no bees? no foods!

loss of life on earth

children are
the future!

Children today are the next generation of naturalists, environmentalists, scientists, gardeners, and conservationists. By educating children about the importance of bees, they will grow up to be better citizens and will seek to preserve the natural world for future generations.

The sessions will be conducted by the Beesline team at the schools, in a class setting, and all required material is provided by us.

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After we receive all applications, we will set a call with you to discuss the dates and logistics.

why Beesline?

At the heart of Beesline, lies our commitment to respect and protect the bees.

We are planning action on the ground and raising awareness around wild bees.

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